All it Knows, not Knows it All



We all know them (get it?). The “know it all.” The person that no matter what the conversation, they know. Now matter when it happened, they know. No matter what the topic is, they know.


This person is different than a “one-upper.” The one-upper is a level that is far beyond a know it all. The one-upper not only knows, but can do better, That’s a whole different ball game.


In health and fitness, it is extremely valuable to have a vast array of knowledge and education. However, and increasing problem that is being found within the health industry is the “know-it-all.” Chiropractors that are turning into nutritionists; Weightlifting coaches that become gymnastic experts; or that guy who was the captain of his high school football team. Yeah, he always knows everything.


Before you get your panties in a bunch, hear me out. I’ll even put myself into the mix. I am both a CrossFit coach, and a nutritionist. I consider myself in two different areas of health and fitness: exercise. However, when I am in one role ,I am in that role. If I am coaching a CrossFit class, and someone asks me a nutrition question, or if I see it is relevant to the conversation, then by all means let’s talk food. I understand within health and fitness that lines get blurred, and often practices get overlapped. But don’t put yourself into a situation where clients are going to their physical therapist because their dog has a headache.


If you are a nutritionist, be the best damn nutritionist around. If you are a chiropractor, let your work speak for itself as the best chiropractor around. Gymnastics coaches should be the go-to for anything that involves: GYMNASTICS. And for heaven’s sake, if you played a sport in high school or college, and you are no longer in high school or college, MOVE ON.


Read it, live it. Be YOU, don’t be everything.

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